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Inclusivity is not a dirty word

I equip you with the actionable strategies you need to build an inclusive, diverse and resilient workplace.

My journey begins in a small French town near Lille, where I was raised in a hardworking, working-class family, right within the heart of my parents' restaurant. Those early years instilled in me a strong work ethic, but they also exposed me to the pain of exclusion. I had to switch schools to escape bullying, which marked the first time I realized that being perceived as different could lead to exclusion. Since then, I've always paid particular attention to vulnerable people around me.


After completing my studies, an internship at a recruitment agency helped me discover my true calling – assisting individuals in finding their place in the workforce. I embarked on a career in HR, initially focusing on recruiting.


I decided to relocate to Germany because I believed I could find a more open work culture here, and I was not disappointed. Living in Berlin opened doors to a more inclusive environment, allowing me to explore my own gender identity, receive a much-needed diagnosis of ADHD, and connect with a supportive community.


However, I also discovered that there was much work to be done. Inclusivity is too often treated as an afterthought, resulting in unhappy employees, a high turnover rate, and significant costs for companies. As a transgender and neurodivergent individual, I understand firsthand the critical importance of inclusivity in enabling everyone to realize their full potential and contribute their best to the company.


These experiences reinforced my belief that inclusivity isn't just an ethical concern; it leads to more resilient and efficient workplaces.


My commitment to inclusivity extends beyond my professional life. As an activist, I have led movements here in Berlin, sharing my expertise and championing the cause of diversity and inclusion. Inclusivity is not just a buzzword for me; I firmly believe in tangible, actionable strategies that drive real change.


If you are seeking to promote diversity and cultivate a workplace that is not only fair but also more resilient and efficient, let's connect. Together, we can make a meaningful impact.

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